Just Who’s High Maintenance Around Here?

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Are You High Maintenance?

High Maintenance

Don’t be High Maintenance, It’s Not Attractive!

Divas can be fun to watch but difficult to date. Regardless of how hot high maintenance women look, for men, dealing with them is not worth the pain they cause. So what is the difference between being very picky about what’s around you and being impossibly high maintenance?

This questionable quality looks slightly different in men than in women. High Maintenance Women are perfectly beautiful, stylish and almost too good to be real. The problem is, they’re like cartoon character versions of themselves – bigger than life and very two-dimensional.

The world of a high maintenance person only has room for herself and people who cater to her. She is rude to servers,demeaning to clerks and superior to most other humans occupying her planet.

She will act the same way toward her guy until he bristles, then she pulls back just enough to keep him happy enough to spend more money on her. Check to see if you fit this description and if you do, try to rein in your diva-like behaviors. But this is only one half of the equation.

There are High Maintenance Men, too! These guys can be just as picky about their style and looks as any female. They make a big deal about their newest leather jacket or their custom tailored suit.

If they participate in a sport, they have absolutely every type of gear and it comes in designer labels. High Maintenance Men can be obsessive about their cars, which are either hyper-luxurious or fast and sporty. Don’t even think about drinking a latte inside his car. His home is just as picture perfect, thanks to daily maid service.

Whether male or female, High Maintenance people share some characteristic in common:

Impatience with anyone who does not instantly respond to his or her demands Insistence on always being right, regardless of the subject Never accepts less than what they feel is owed to them Overly preoccupied with other’s opinions of them Humor that’s poorly disguised sarcasm designed to cut others down Constantly talking about themselves and their importance Never gives a sincere compliment to others Never wrong

If this sounds the guy you’re dating, then get ready to meet his every need because he only meets your needs to the extent that it makes him look good. Even the diamond bracelet he bought for you isn’t as much about your delight as about showing it off to his friends as “what a great guy he is.” If you realize your guy’s a diva, cut the ties quickly before you get too deeply involved.

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