Where is Mr. Right Hiding Anyway?

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Where is Mr. Right?

Where is Mr. Right

Looking for Mr. Right (or Mr. Darcy!)

Every Friday night, single women launch the weekend hunt for Mr. Right. What’s amazing is that many of them pass Mr. Right every day in the office or while out walking the dog after work. But they haven’t noticed. They are still asking “Where is Mr. Right?”

He’s as likely to be at your gym, shopping in your grocery store or standing in line at your favorite movie theatre as he is hanging around the singles mingle hour at some local bar.

Since it’s hard to find him, let’s look at the alternatives:

Mr. Right Here is the guy who is handy. He works in your department or lives in your apartment complex. He might be the nice neighbor of your best friend. You’ve seen him so often that he blends into the scenery.

He’s not pushy or forward and never comes at you with stupid pick up lines. He’s so nice that you immediately think there must be something wrong with him. But there’s not. He’s simply a nice guy, hard working and not trying too hard.

Mr. Right Now is the guy who’s asking you out for dates regularly. He wants to spend time with you, but you aren’t captivated by him. Finally, you look around and see all of your girlfriends with boyfriends, so you decide to hang onto him.

After all, you don’t want to be the last girl left standing alone on the sidelines – and he’s happy just to be with you. You might actually like him if you weren’t using him for a prop to make you look popular while you scan the room for something better.

Mr. Right for Them is the guy that everyone is certain is right for you. He’s the son of your parents’ friends and they’ve conspired several times so that you could meet him. He might be the college roommate of your best friend’s husband and they think he’s a wonderful guy.

It’s possible that he’s a new member of the tennis club and your friends shuffle the foursome list so you can play doubles, hoping that the action extends beyond the court. Basically, you’re getting so much “help” from others that you aren’t sure if you really like him or if you’re trying to please other people who care about both of you.

Mr. Right But is the guy who could be perfect, but there’s some impediment that you aren’t sure will work. Maybe he’s a divorced single father with custody of two small children. You aren’t even sure you want children and certainly not a ready-made family with instant motherhood.

He might have a job with extensive world travel or he’s in the military and could be stationed in hazardous locations for months at a time. He could be a great guy, but he just doesn’t fit your fairytale story – instead of the tall, handsome prince, he’s barely your height and prematurely balding.

So where is Mr. Right? Before you answer, “I don’t know,” take a look around – an honest look. Do you see Mr. Right Here, Mr. Right Now, Mr. Right for Them or Mr. Right But? You might take a second look. One of them could be your Mr. Right who is waiting for you to see him for what he really is.

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