Using Body Language to Help Yourself in Romance

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Body Language and Romance

using body language true romantic help for men

What are Your Chances for a Date?

A lot of men focus on exactly what they’ll say to a woman when they approach. They wonder why they can use a line and get blown off, while another man can show up three minutes later, use the same line, and get her to go out with him.

The truth is that when you approach a woman, she’s evaluating you before you even say a word. It isn’t so much what you say, but in the split second that she first sees you and forms her first impression of you, she has already subconsciously decided whether or not to give you a chance. She can always change her mind, but it’s a lot of work to undo a first impression.

The good news is that her first impression of you depends on how you behave. If you behave in a way that’s reassuring, calm, and confident, she’s going to be much more open to the idea of dating you.

If you behave as if you aren’t sure you should be talking to her, she might not think you should be, either. There are also some behaviors that will cause women to immediately lose interest in you, and others that will catch her attention.

Body language can communicate that you are nervous or desperate, or it can communicate that you are confident and secure. Your posture may be accidentally telling women that you aren’t interested in a girlfriend now.

Or, worse, you may be coming across as creepy, arrogant, or antisocial. You might think that’s a little silly, but remember that women’s brains work differently than yours. Women are highly attuned to both verbal and nonverbal language.

To a woman, it really matters if you stand up straight – it says something important about you. It really matters if you approach her head on, from the side, or from behind. When she meets you, she creates an idea of you. What you seem like to her determines the way she’s going to act toward you.

Body language goes both ways. You can learn to read her behavior to see if she’s noticed you yet, if she’s interested, and if she’s likely to be friendly when you introduce yourself. On a date, you’ll be able to tell if she’s comfortable with you.

Reading her cues will make you seem smarter and more in tune with her needs. She’ll feel that you’re really listening to her and that she’s important to you. That will make you more important to her, and you’re well on your way to a great relationship. Here are 2 books that go into detail about this subject. I recommend both of them.

 The Definitive Book of Body Language: The Hidden Meaning Behind People’s Gestures and Expressions Attract a Woman: 14 Practical and Powerful Scientific Tricks to Attract a Woman

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