Types of Relationships in Dating and Romance

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Types of Relationships
Types of Relationships true romantic help for men

The stereotype is that men only want one type of relationship: quick, fun, and casual. But what if that won’t make you happy? You can try it if you’d like, but if you decide you want something else – something more, then you need a different approach to get a different end result.

Here are a few descriptions of various types of relationships – choose which one you’d prefer:

Casual and quick:

This is the classic “no expectations” relationship playboys are famous for. You might meet once or twice and have some fun, but you really don’t expect to see her again, and you don’t really care.

Pros: It’s easy to date a lot of women this way, and it can be fun and exciting for awhile.

Cons: You don’t really get to know any women, and getting intimate physically before you’re intimate emotionally can have serious side effects, such as a trail of angry and bitter women behind you. A bad reputation caused by this kind of dating can damage your future relationships.

Casual and friendly: You might be seeing one woman or two or three – they all know you’re not serious yet and all of you are free to date other people.

Pros: If you’re not ready to settle down or you’re still deciding what type of woman you like to date, this is the way to go.

Cons: Sometimes a small thing will send the relationship down a more serious path, and you might not realize it until she asks your opinion about the wedding invitations. Then, you need to gently bring the relationship back where it was, or you have some explaining to do to your other casual dates.

Serious and friendly: You’re in an exclusive relationship with one woman, and s he’s exclusively dating you. It could be because you haven’t found anyone else to compare with her, or it could be that you’re thinking of making a formal commitment. Either way, you’re both happy and neither of you wants to see anyone else.

Pros: You really know this woman, and she really knows you. You’re comfortable with each other, and neither of you is going anywhere without at least trying to work out any problems.

Cons: People will ask if you’re engaged yet, and they won’t quit until they see a ring. Also, being comfortable in your relationship might make you lazy as well. You still have to maintain this great relationship, remember?

Rebound: This is the relationship you sometimes get into in order to get over the last one. There’s nothing really good about this one – the ghost of the relationship past keeps messing with anything you might have with the new woman, and you’re still confused about what you should and shouldn’t expect.

Your best bet is to let the old relationship blow completely over before you start a new one. The same goes for any potential girlfriends – refuse to date anyone who’s still talking about her last boyfriend as if he’s still in her life. My advice is to go for the gold. Commit yourself to finding and keeping your true love.

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