Some Special Tips to Attracting Women

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 Tips to Attracting Women

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How to Attract a Woman

Every man needs a variety of tips for attracting women because not all women are attracted to the same type of man, or the same jokes, or the same cheesy pick up lines. So what to do?

There must be a universal method of attracting women because the laws of attraction are not as complex as they may seem. However, it is well known that men and women are different. In fact, men and women are in many cases completely opposite.

So it is not surprising that we have completely different centers of attraction. Men will initially feel sexual attraction, based mostly on how the woman looks. On the other hand, women will be initially attracted to a man’s qualities rather than his looks.

Perhaps you are a romantic poet with a kind heart and a large sum of money inherited from your dearly departed grandmother, but you look like a disfigured dog and you cannot seem to attract any decent ladies.

Women obviously do admire looks, but quality generally comes first. If you want to let your personality shine through, you need to exhibit confidence through your communication and body language.

Even if you have to wear a paper bag over your head, be confident and believe yourself to be the most handsome man on earth. IF you can’t believe that, at least believe that you are handsome enough!

Be assertive and decisive. This will assert your confidence and create a strong emotional attraction within women. Be kind, but do not try hard to be her friend. If a woman sees you as a friend, they often will lose a lot of their relationship interests and will seek to keep you as such. As a matter of fact, the main way of creating attraction in women is to move their interests from friendship-based to relationship-based.

When attracting a woman, it is important to look good, but not necessarily to be good- looking. While it is true that guys who are good-looking often find it easier to pick up girls, that is most probably only due to the self-confidence instilled by their good looks. And in a lot of men, this has backfired and they now think they don’t have to be nice since they are so good looking. You can win where they lose.

It is important not to always seek approval from the woman; here confidence comes into the picture again. If you constantly seek approval, the woman will automatically see you as unworthy. You must establish a confidence in your traits and abilities of your own, and not from others. This will let your confidence shine through.

With these tips for attracting women, you can create immediate and powerful sparks of attraction that she will be unable to resist. However, the most important thing to remember is to always stay true to yourself. Or as Shakespeare said it,”To thine own self be true.” So don’t pretend to be someone else. Just dive deep into your heart and pull out the self confidence that was there when you were born.

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