Prepare to Be Persistent Till You Find Your True Love

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Prepare to Be Persistent

Prepare to Be Persistent true romantic help for men

Don’t Give Up on Love
Just Because One Woman Isn’t Interested

The first woman you meet may be interested in you and immediately want to go out with you. Or, maybe not. You might have trouble finding anyone you’re interested in, or you might lose interest after introducing yourself. In any case, you’ll need to keep on getting out and meeting women until you find someone you hit it off with. In short, when it comes to dating and romance, you have to prepare to be persistent.

Here are some scenarios where it might be better to move on and meet someone else:

She’s interested in you, but you can’t stand her. She might even be very nice, but you can’t imagine a relationship with her. Even if she’s getting on your nerves, be polite. If you want her to take the hint and move on, tell her, “Excuse me, but there’s someone else I’d like to meet.” If that direct hint doesn’t work? Well, you can always hide in the men’s room a few minutes.

You’re interested in her – and her equally hot friend. Attempting to date two women who know each other at the same time is awkward, and if they’re friends, it only gets worse. Be friendly to them both, but for a date, choose someone else. Later, if you become friends with both women, you might be more attracted to one, but don’t go dating one and then the other.

You thought you were interested, and now you’re not. If she turns out to be clearly the wrong woman for you, a businesslike handshake and “It was very nice to meet you,” tells her that the relationship has been nipped in the bud.

She loses interest in you. If her body language suddenly turns from open and interested to closed and bored, it’s time for you to move on. If you really want to see her again, though, you might get somewhere if you ask her straight out what’s the matter.

It could be worth it if she lost interest because of a misunderstanding. However, if she heard you correctly and it’s something you feel you can’t or shouldn’t change about yourself, it’s time to move on.

She completely ignores you. If she doesn’t even give you a chance in the first place, you should move on before you start looking desperate. Besides, who needs a girlfriend who can’t be polite?

Remember, if you get out and meet a lot of women in a variety of places, sooner or later you will come across someone who’d love to go out with you. So there’s no point in worrying over the women who you didn’t get to date – just concentrate on finding that one woman who makes you want to get up in the morning! Prepare to be persistent if you want to find your true love!

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