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Online Dating for Men

Online Dating for Men

Online dating is a huge trend now. Almost everyone has access to a computer, and online dating and matchmaking sites are a booming industry. Is it a good idea for you to sign up with an online dating site?

Pros and Cons of Online Dating

Pros: If you’re too busy to get out to the usual places to meet women, online dating can be done from your home computer. You already know the women you meet online are looking for a relationship, and they’ll say up front what it is that they want. It’s also a great alternative if it’s physically hard for you to get out.

Cons: There’s no telling who you’re really meeting online – a person can say anything he or she wants to about themselves and you have to take their word for it. If your schedule is too full to go out and meet women in person, it might also be too full to maintain a relationship.

Without a face-to-face meeting, you miss out on tone of voice and body language cues. And, you might find yourself attracted to someone whom it’s impossible to ever meet. You also might build up a fantasy about the woman you meet online that she can’t live up to.

The women you’ll meet: Computer-savvy women who want a relationship, who are either too busy to look for one in person, or who are insecure about who they are in person. You may also find a few women who have trouble leaving home for some reason, whether it’s a handicap or a lack of babysitters for their kids.

The relationship you can expect: Casual and virtual. If it’s too much trouble to go out in person to meet, it’s likely to be too much trouble to go out in person to date. You’ll both be able to date other people, and the only thing that would change that is if you start meeting in real life more than you do on the computer.

What to avoid: Women who aren’t who they say they are. If there’s a picture of a fabulous model next to the profile, that probably isn’t really her. Smart women actually don’t put their pictures next to their profiles – it attracts too much of the wrong kind of attention. Pay attention to what she tells you about herself, and if the details don’t match up, something may be wrong.

The bottom line: The Internet is a great place for people to meet, but not always the best place for people to date. The importance of physical attraction is cut down to zero, so you do get to know the women who are being honest, but then you’re likely to create a fantasy about their appearance instead of being prepared to accept them for who they are.

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