How Effective Are Local Matchmaking Clubs?

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Local Matchmaking Clubs

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Online Matchmaking

Matchmaking is a fine art that’s still practiced. Whether among ethnic or cultural groups like the matchmaker made famous from the musical Fiddler on the Roof or the real life woman who is a matchmaker to millionaires in LA, there’s another option in matchmaking clubs.

It’s different than speed dating or singles clubs because the men are screened and selected to meet certain criteria. In some circles, this kind of service is very expensive yet popular among highly paid executives and business owners who don’t have time or patience for the usual pickup places.

They also value their privacy and don’t want to hang out in bars or bring people into their lives that aren’t well suited. The effectiveness varies and it’s a fair question to ask before signing up to find a match or be part of a pool for a potential match.

The type of matchmaking service that focuses on long term relationships sets out to introduce you to your future spouse. They find the person for you that so closely meets your most important values and beliefs that all you add is the love.

On an informal level, there are other groups that become unofficial dating pools. Some church singles groups have a large number of singles who are hoping to find mates. One criticism of all singles groups is that they tend to have more available women than men.

For the guys, it’s a buffet, while for the women it’s barely appetizers. There are community based groups such as Parents Without Partners where single mothers and single fathers meet for programs on solo parenting.

In the process, you have a pool of men who are declared to be singles and who have children. If you’re a member of this group because you’re also a single parent, then you immediately know where to find some single men who place a high value on their parenting roles. That’s exactly the kind of man you hope to meet.

Posting profiles with a dating service may result in a match. If the dating service specializes in matching for criteria that are important to you and not just an ordering service for the next tall, blue eyed blond, then you might find what you’re seeking.

There are even specialized dating services such as J-Date that matches only men and women who take their Jewish faith and cultural heritage seriously. The dating services are simply seeking to match you on enough items to make for an interesting dating opportunity.

They aren’t promising to find the love of your life, that’s still up to you. But by limiting the dating pool to candidates who would make suitable spouses, they can be a boon to singles who are tired of sorting through the masses to try to find good prospective partners.

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