Kissed a Bunch of Frogs Lately?

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Have You Been Kissing Frogs Lately?

Kissed a Bunch of Frogs Lately

How to Meet Prince Charming
(Or Mr. Darcy)

Is your local pond full of frogs? Do you kiss them hoping to get a handsome prince only to find slimy lips and nothing changes? You’re hanging around the wrong dating pool, and it’s time to make some changes.

You’ve certainly heard the armchair definition of insanity – “doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result.” Well dating insanity is, “dating the same kind of guys over and over while expecting them to become something that they aren’t.”

Are you satisfied with losers? Of course not. You don’t intend to kiss a frog, you’re just mistaking him for a prince-in-training. You have to stop settling for guys who are almost right and find your Mr. Right. If you have kissed a bunch of frogs lately and maybe always, it’s time to make some changes!

Every single woman faces an honesty crisis. Once you get to the bar, there are plenty of men who say everything except what’s on their mind. What if he said what he really thought – “Hi, your dress is too tight and your makeup’s overdone so you look like a tramp and I’m ready to treat you like one, okay?”

But no, he does the flattery and the seduction game, so you hear the line he’s feeding you and it matches what you want to hear, so it’s a match, at least for a few hours. Face it, girls, men in bars lie.

They want sex, you want a dating relationship. So you give them what they want and they lose your phone number. You thought he was sincere but you didn’t put him to the Prince test.

The real Prince Charming likes sex (he’s not dead yet) but he likes you more. He wants to build a relationship with you and is willing to wait on sex to prove his interest in you as a person.

You might kiss Prince Charming goodnight at the door, but he remains a prince. If he’s in disguise and you kiss him at the door, he turns back into a frog and gets pushy. Slam the door on his slimy foot or any other handy appendage.

It’s difficult to find the real Prince Charming among all of the pretenders. Not only do men in bars lie, but they also put on a great show of sincerity. Some have it down to a fine art.

They’re even trained in pickup master groups to listen to what you want and suddenly become that guy. They learn to echo your words and even follow your body movements so that you’re instantly disarmed by them. No wonder you’ve kissed a bunch of frogs!

True Princes may not be as slick and sometimes they’re even awkward. You can work on the law of large numbers and kiss a lot of frogs, hoping to eventually find a Prince. Or you can give up the love lottery and save your kisses for the guy who truly deserves everything you have to offer a man! I say hold out for Prince Charming. Or Mr. Darcy. Either one.

To My Darling Daughter

Darling daughter in the crib
I wished for you all my life.
My dream is fulfilled but
Your dreams are just beginning.
May your life be sweet
And your lessons soft.
May you travel far
And dance ever so near
To your heart’s desires.
May you wear flowers,
And eat cotton candy From a spoon.
Let no man take Your dreams from you.
Life is short, but Love is eternal.
I love you always
And forever in the stars.

© Heather Burns, 2015


Help If You Have Kissed a Bunch of Frogs

Who Are Not Your Prince

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