Keeping Yourself Physically and Emotionally Healthy for Dating

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Keeping Yourself  Healthy for Dating

Keeping Yourself Healthy for Dating

Meeting Mr. Right (or Mr. Darcy!)

How specific is your wish list for the ideal man? Tall, dark and handsome? Six pack abs and glistening suntan skin? Strong silent type? You have in mind a guy who looks great and has a solid sense of self respect.

If that’s the man you want, what do you have to offer in return? A guy who values his physical and emotional well-being is going to want the same in his woman. Don’t rush out and buy crazy diet pills and running shoes though.

Physical health isn’t about being a size 2. Being physically healthy is not and never was a dress size. Physical health is getting your body in the right proportions so that it functions for optimal health.

The worst thing a woman can do to herself is to start a ridiculously restrictive or fad diet to lose down to a target dress size. The only “size” that matters is to be within the range of the Body Mass Index (BMI) that matches your height because that’s when you feel your best.

When you achieve that weight range, then your body functions better and you have the added bonus of looking great. That’s a far better goal than picking a size or weight. Once you reach the optimal BMI, your body will practically be screaming for activity.

Exercise won’t be a chore – it will be a pleasure – a healthy release for all your pent-up energy. A healthy body is an active body. If you want your man to be buff and trim, then you’ll want to look like his girlfriend, not his mother.

A man who is self-assured and goal oriented is looking for those qualities in a woman. He’s not dating you to be your therapist (even if he is a therapist) or your shoulder to cry on (that’s why we need girlfriends).

The kind of man who is emotionally healthy is looking for that same emotional maturity in a woman. If one person in the relationship isn’t emotionally healthy, then that person drags down the relationship.

You have to be able to live with yourself before you can expect a man to be able to live with you. Take a personal inventory right now. Are you overweight? A whopping 67% of Americans are dangerously overweight, so you aren’t alone.

Are you easily distressed, burned out or depressed? Emotional problems are also common and depression is more common among women than men. If you’re being held back by weight or emotional problems, then you have to deal with it before you’re ready to form a lasting relationship.

Think about some of the decisions you’ve made when you were unhappy with yourself. If you don’t believe it, go to your closet and pull out the “I give up dress.” You know, it’s the dress that you wear when you feel crummy and don’t care what anybody thinks about how you look.

In that same state of mind or body, you’ll pick a guy who is the “I give up on relationships.” He won’t be the life partner that you long to find. He may cling to you out of his distresses, but he won’t lift you out of your own problems. Only you can do that.

So it’s a good goal to plan on keeping yourself healthy for dating, in every way~physically and emotionally and spiritually.

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