Is She Interested in You as a Romantic Partner?

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Is She Interested In You?

Is She Interested? true romantic help for men

How to Tell if She’s Interested

Women are extremely good at gauging relationships by reading body language. They also use very clear signals they give to show their emotions – which is why so many women find it hard to believe their boyfriends had no idea they were upset. But this article is more about how to know this: Is she interested in you as a romantic partner?

Practically all women can tell if a man is interested in them. Isn’t it time you learned how to tell if a woman is interested in you? The first and most classic sign that a woman is interested in you is when she meets your eyes.  She might smile or not, but if she’s looking at you without looking hostile, you’ve caught her attention, most likely in a good way. The next thing you should do is meet her eyes and smile back.

A woman might also check herself in the mirror, touch her hair, or smooth out her clothes. This is a great sign that she wants to make a good impression on you. She might also throw her shoulders back or roll her hips slightly – that means she thinks you’re good-looking.

If she’s sitting down, she might lean towards you, cock her head to make her neck seem longer, or slowly cross and uncross her legs in front of you. If you’re both sitting down and having a conversation, a woman who is comfortable with you might sit with one leg tucked under her, or might dangle her shoe from the toe of one foot. If she’s looking in your eyes too, there’s no doubt she’s extremely interested.

On the other hand, if a woman isn’t interested, her eyes will slide right past you. She might be polite if you introduce yourself, but she’ll look away as soon as possible. Women who don’t want to continue a conversation will turn their bodies away from you and might even turn toward the door. She might fold her arms, cross her legs and leave them crossed, or move away from you. Most likely, the conversation is a lost cause and you probably ought to move on. Is she interested? No.

If you’re boring a woman, she might lean away from you and rest her head in her hand, or tap her fingers or her foot. If she’s looking at you blankly, without blinking, she’s zoned out and isn’t paying attention anymore.

This is a good time to change the subject, maybe with a compliment and a question like, “That color looks good on you. Is it your favorite color?” or “What’s the best movie you’ve seen lately?” With luck, she’ll shake herself out of it and you’ll get another shot at a conversation.

So you see learning how to tell if a woman is interested is pretty easy. Women want you to understand them, and they make their body language simple and clear. Learn to read it, and you’ll be able to tell if she likes you, if she’s comfortable with you, and if she’d like to date you – all without saying a word. Then you won’t have to ask yourself “Is she interested?” any longer, as you will know! And if you get really good at being an attractive confident man, the answer to “Is she interested?” will be yes way more often than not.

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