How to Pick up Beautiful Women

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How to Pick up Beautiful Women

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Attracting a Beautiful Woman

It is not always easy to attract a woman. It is like being in a competition wherein you are in constant battle with other men for the girl’s attention. You might be in your best suit and well groomed, but you still feel inadequate. You may feel other men are better than you are. However, keep in mind any man on planet has a shot at engaging and picking up that same woman.

Here are a few ways to help you pick up beautiful women.

1) Examine the situation

This is an important step that men usually forget. Walk around a bit and approach women who are sitting either alone or with other women. Remember that this step depends on your personality. If you are a social type of man, this can be easy. Just remember that this is the first time you are meeting this woman.

2) Keep the conversation refreshing

When you have finally approached her, open up with an easy question. A few great examples include asking her for a woman’s opinion, her facial expression telling you how she is feeling, or even a simple question dealing with what she is drinking. Once she opens up and answers, just try to keep the conversation flowing naturally. Do not make her feel as though she is being interviewed for a job. Come up with a few relevant random stories. This can be difficult but just be yourself and make her laugh. Also remember that women are turned off with offensive language. Hence, avoid cursing or using any form of offensive language.

3) Ask her for her phone number

A common mistake many men often make is to directly ask for a phone number. Not only might this scare her off, but it will make her feel as though you are inexperienced. Create a situation where she will end up willingly giving her number. You can say that you are going to a party on a different day and she should come. This will give her a choice and even if she says no, it will not really hurt you.

4) Things to avoid if you want to pick up beautiful women

Never stick around too long once the conversation has ended. You will automatically fall into the dreaded friend zone.

Another thing to avoid is staring at her body. By doing this, you are slowly showing what your true intentions are. Women know what your ultimate objective is. You do not need to further prove this point by staring.

Do not be disrespectful and rude.

Remember that women want to socialize with mature adults like themselves. After trying a few of these techniques a few times, you should be able to get the hang of picking up women. Just as with anything else in life, it takes practice and patience. Try to keep in mind that it does not matter how you look as long as you are groomed nicely. Just be yourself and entertain her.

More Tips to Pick Up Beautiful Women

Remember, much has been said about ways to pick up beautiful women and each is claimed to be the best. However, there is no one best way to do so. Different men have different strategies of picking up women and most are successful to a certain extent. But if just you do the following tips, your chances of success will be much greater.

Tip #1: Shape Up Your body While it is true that there isn’t much change we can do to our face we are born with, certainly there is something we can do with our body. Your body is 95 percent of you and it is the part of you that can change easily. If you are obese , stick to a healthy diet plan, go to a fitness center and start working out. Having a fit and toned body will definitely put you ahead of the other guys when it comes to picking up women.

Tip #2: Having a good sense of humor

Things can get awkward at times when you are picking up women. You may find yourself at a loss of words and not knowing how to continue the conversation or keep the conversation flowing. When situations like these occur, having a good sense of humour can help you tackle these awkward situations. If you can get a girl laughing , you are just steps to getting the girl. By making her laugh, she will find you interesting and will enjoy hanging around with you more. Indeed, having a good sense of humor is an important ingredient in winning a girl’s heart.

Tip #3: Be exciting , spontaneous and fun-loving

Attracting women requires you to learn to have fun. Always remember one thing: men and women go out for a different reason. Men go out to get to know more women while women go out to have more fun. Keeping this in mind , in order to pick up women successfully, you have to be spontaneous and fun-loving. Show the woman your exciting side and let her know that hanging out with you is extremely fun and exciting! Give her something to look forward to!

When picking up women, you have to set your mind to two possibilities: she can either like or reject you. Do not stress over the outcome. Do not overly worry if the woman turns you down. Just enjoy the process of meeting women.

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