How to Accept Compliments Gracefully

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Accept Compliments Gracefully

Accept Compliments Gracefully

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When a man offers you a genuine compliment and you blow it off, you’re saying something very unattractive about yourself. It’s not humble to refuse a compliment – it’s actually a sign of insecurity and poor self-esteem. So it’s a good idea to learn how to accept compliments gracefully.

If he compliments the way you looking, saying, “You have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen” and you scoff at him, it will make him feel uncomfortable – as if he’s being a liar.

Can you imagine receiving a beautiful gift that a man has purposely identified as ideal for you, only for you to open the box and throw it out in the trash? That’s what you’re doing when you brush off a real compliment.

If you have a talent or a skill that a man compliments, then receive the compliment graciously or you brand yourself as rude and disrespectful as well as insecure. Those responses say that you aren’t worth the confidence or value that the other person has for you.

Before you reject a compliment, stop and think about how he will feel after hearing your rejection. If he says, “That’s the best cheese omelet I’ve ever tasted” and you fail to accept his compliment, then you’re saying he’s stupid and doesn’t know his own tastes.

Even if he stumbles in trying to give you a compliment, don’t embarrass him by making fun of it or acting his opinion isn’t important. If you know that you have problems accepting a compliment, then don’t wing it.

Decide on a basic response and use that until you feel ready to branch out. If you just smile and say, “Thank you very much” – that’s all you need to do. The person who gave the compliment can feel satisfied that his effort to uplift you was well received.

Smile whenever he offers you a compliment and try not to look uncomfortable. Don’t just awkwardly change the subject because you’re blushing and aren’t used to accepting compliments.

You can use the compliment to start up some new conversations. If he mentions how he loves your decorating style in your home, thank him and then talk about where you found some unusual pieces or what you inherited from a relative.

Don’t always accept a compliment and then immediately return one to him. That makes you seem insincere. “I love your outfit!” “Thanks, I love yours, too.” Find appropriate times to conjure up your own compliments for him and he’ll appreciate them that much more.

Learn How to Accept Compliments Gracefully! 

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