Going on a Date Doesn’t Mean You Are Dating

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Are You Dating? In a Relationship?

Going on a Date Doesn’t Mean You Are Dating
When are You Dating? Get a Clear Answer Before You Assume.

What does dating mean to you? It depends on your generation. “Going out” to a middle school girl means that you and a boy like each other even though you really aren’t going anywhere.

“Going out” to a high school girl means that you get into his car and actually go somewhere without a parent driving. By the time you are a young adult, “going out” can mean anything from casual dating in the new “friends with benefits” all the way to targeting him as “the one.” Clearly dating has many meanings. But going on a date doesn’t mean you are dating, no matter what. It takes time before you call it a relationship! 

Dating also has different meanings to men than to women. To avoid disappointment, you need to know what dating means to him. Chances are if he’s like most guys, he can date casually for a long time without even thinking about a commitment.

But if you started reading Bridal magazines after the fourth date, then you definitely have different ideas about what dating means. Without realizing it, you’ll start acting possessive and if he’s a casual dater, it will drive him away before he even has time to consider a commitment.

Rushing to a ring shop may cause you to miss a really fine guy. Men like to pursue women – not be trapped by them. When you try to become attached to a man too soon, you might make compromises that cause you to act against your beliefs.

If he’s a real player, he’ll get everything he can from you – sex, money and adoration, but give nothing substantial in return. Men can smell desperation and some will take advantage of it.

Resist the urge to find a steady guy when your friends start pairing off or getting married. Why let your prime dating years go by without enjoying them? Dating is the ultimate “try before you buy” experience.

You get to spend time with a man alone and among friends to see how he fits into your life and how you fit into his. If you date different types of men, you’re auditioning them for the potential to be Mr. Right.

It’s not always women who are clingy and presumptuous, either. Men can assume too much too soon and may get possessive about you. Make it clear that you aren’t ready to commit to a monotonous relationship if that’s the case. In short, one date or even two, does not a relationship make. Let him be the one to want you so much he asks you to be exclusive. Up until then, keep dating others. Or at least be open to dating others. There is really no rush!

Going on a Date Doesn’t Mean You Are Dating! 

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