Expensive White Gold Engagement Rings

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Expensive White Gold Engagement Rings

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White Gold Diamond Engagement Rings
Jewelry with a Wow Factor!

If you are looking for an expensive white gold engagement ring
you could search a long time before finding a more beautiful
and classic ring than the ones I have featured here. There are
many beautiful engagement rings so it’s very hard to showcase
them all!

But you cannot go wrong with a classic ring ….especially
one as beautiful as a princess cut diamond in white gold. Styles
may come, and styles may go, but a classic solitaire diamond goes
with everything and stays in style forever.

 IGI Certified 18k White Gold Classic Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring (2.0 carat, H-I Color, SI1-SI2 Clarity), Size 8

So if you are looking for a classic ring, this is a perfect choice.
You can of course get it with a bigger stone, but 2 carats is a
good start! If that’s not big enough, just go ahead and click on
the links below that for other choices. Enjoy,
and best wishes to you. May you always be happy.

In a hurry? You can see many other beautiful white gold
engagement rings by clicking right here!

Or scroll down to see gorgeous White Gold diamond engagement rings hand picked for their beauty and popularity.

Is it Okay to Buy an Expensive Engagement Ring Online? In a Word, Yes!

Why You Should Buy an Expensive White Gold Engagement Ring Online:

Complete Privacy!

No Pushy Salesmen!

Take Your Time!

Low Overhead=Great Value!

Compare Prices in Secret

Guaranteed to be Authentic!

Bigger Selection!

Conclusion: Buying an Expensive Engagement Ring Online is a Smart Decision!

White Gold or Platinum? Does it Matter?
Expensive White Gold Engagement Rings Online

Platinum is all the rage now, and while it is beautiful, I wonder why it seems
so important, especially since no matter which precious metal you choose, white gold or platinum, it will be coated with rhodium to protect its luster.

So the finish looks the same. Platinum is a little heavier, and to me that makes white gold the winner. Plus, even with the rising price of gold, it is still cheaper than platinum. So I see no reason to invest in platinum when you can get the same look for less and use the savings to go towards that honeymoon.

The white gold rings on this page are just as beautiful as platinum ones, and far more reasonable. No one will be able to tell either. So I say white gold engagement rings rule.

Classic Beautiful White Gold Cushion Cut Engagement Ring!
Halo Princess Diamond Ring In 14K White Gold
Expensive Classic Halo White Gold Engagement Ring

 1.25 Carat G-H Diamond Cushion Halo Love Promise Anniversary Beautiful Wedding Band Ring 14K White Gold

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“I need the starshine of
your heavenly eyes,
After the day’s great sun.”
~ Charles Hanson Towne

More Expensive White Gold Engagement Rings
More Popular Expensive White Gold Engagement Rings Online.

 1ct Cushion Halo Diamond Engagement Ring 14K White Gold 14k White Gold Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring (1 carat, I-J Color, I2-I3 Clarity), Size 7

“The minute I heard
my first love story,
I started looking for you,
not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don’t finally
meet somewhere.
They’re in each other
all along.”

 1.10 Carat Princess Cut/Shape 14K White Gold Classic Prong Set Diamond Engagement Ring with a 0.60 cwt, H Color, VS2 Clarity Center Stone 1.00 Carat (Ctw) 14K White Gold Round Diamond Ladies Bridal Halo Engagement Ring Set 1 CT (Size 6)

Vintage Engagement Ring in White Gold
Antique Style Engagement Ring


One of the trends in engagement rings is to go for a vintage style ring.
In fact people even go to pawn shops looking for authentic antique
rings, but there is no need to do that. Many manufacturers make new
ones that harken back to vintage eras.

 3.61 Carat 14K White Gold Antique / Vintage Style Channel Set Round Diamond Engagement Ring with Milgrain ( J Color , VS1 Clarity ) 3.6 Carat 14K White Gold Antique / Vintage Style Channel Set Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Milgrain ( J Color , VS1 Clarity ) Petite Antique-Design Diamond Bridal Set in 14k White Gold (3.08ct)

Will You Marry Me?
Romantic Proposal Poem~by Nicholas Gordon*

There is a time when freedom must be bound
By what we freely choose to call our own.
For if not, someday we will have found
That we have made the choice to be alone.
I cannot call my love for you a choice:
I simply made a turn and you were there;
And all I was came singing with one voice
To lift my soul ten feet into the air.
But lightning bolts do not outlast the storm:
The years demand not ecstasy but will.
My love for you must take a different form,
One that lasts a lifetime, deep and still.
And so I make my choice, if you’ll agree,
And seek your answer: Will you marry me?

*Used with Permission
You can read more of Mr. Gordon’s poetry at

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engagement rings by clicking right here!

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