Dating a Man in the Workplace

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Workplace Dating

Workplace Dating

Dating Coworkers


Before you start flirting over the copy machine, think about where an office romance could take you. There’s a reason why workplace dating is frowned upon. In fact, your company may have a firm policy discouraging dating a co-worker or at least dating a person within the same department.

Even if there’s no policy, you need to decide what’s going to be your personal policy about dating that new hot guy in the next cubicle. Granted,you spend many hours weekly at work.

It’s only natural that you form friendships there and at times choose to socialize with co-workers after hours. That time spent away from work pressures can be great for building rapport. But workplace dating has quite a few perils.

If your socializing turns into a romance, then all the rules change. You know that it’s tough enough to concentrate on the mundane chores of your job when your mind is swirling with
images of your new man.

You sneak personal phone calls and rush out at 4:59 to get a jump on parking lot traffic just to be with him. Imagine how much more distracting a romance would be if your guy was only a few desks or a floor away from you all day long?

Having your guy so close that you can sneak kisses in the supply room sounds wonderful, but it can also create some embarrassing situations. All of your relationship woes could become office fodder for the gossip mills.

Harmless courtship actions like blatantly flirting aren’t bad, but they can easily become inappropriate in a workplace. You may think no one else notices, but think again. They notice,
they watch and they talk.

Then the first time you and your guy have a disagreement, you might as well post it on the office bulletin board. Everything about your demeanor and your reactions toward each
other show it. Then the grapevine heats up with speculation about how long before the romance is over and you two might even be teased about it.

If you think these situations might feel uncomfortable at work, there’s only one way to make it worse – and that’s to date your boss. Whether he’s your immediate supervisor in the department or the Vice President in the corner office, you’re going to be seen as a social climber.

Anything good that happens to you, even if it’s a reward for work you did last quarter is going to be seen as favoritism because you’re dating the boss. So if you really do find romance in the office with a co-worker or the boss, consider changing departments or company locations to put some healthy distance between you and him. You’ll give your relationship a better chance to develop when it’s not being watched and judged by so many prying eyes.

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