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Is it okay to buy an engagement ring online? In a word, YES!

The Top Five Reasons To Buy An Engagement Ring Online

1 No Pushy Salesmen to Hassle You.

2 Completely Private. No Need for the Salesman to Know Your Personal Information.

3 No Rush, Take Your Time to Find What You Want. Shop at Your Convenience 24/7!

4 Completely Guaranteed, You Get What You Order or You Can Send it Back.

5 Great Value, No Overhead Means Lower Prices for You. More Ring for the Same Money!

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Why I Write About Engagement Rings

I love everything about romance and weddings including the jewelry. And I love jewelry anyway; I think of it as miniature art and love to wear multiple rings on multiple fingers all at the same time.

When I was shopping for my own engagement ring, I found the experience a little exhausting. I had no idea there were so many variables to consider! It was overwhelming.

But I went shopping anyway, because, well, great excuse, right? And once I found out the rhodium finish on White gold and platinum is the same, it was a no brainer to me. I went with the lower cost and less weight: White gold. But some people want platinum no matter what.

Then I decided on a vintage look. I love all things vintage, and embellished.
After that, I decided on the center stone. I really like the princess cut which
is a very popular shaped stone in the United States. That really is all I told
my sweet husband and it helped him choose my ring: Vintage princess cut White gold. Lucky me, he surprised me with one that has 2 baguettes on the side of the center princess cut stone, and I’m in love with it.

It was a huge help to him for me to know what I wanted and narrow the choices down to a short list. I thought that might help others too, and so I made a few pages about the main types of engagement rings.

More hints for you if you are the one shopping for your beloved. If you don’t want to ask her, ask her friends or family. And observe what she wears in the way of jewelry. Does she wear Yellow gold? White gold or silver? Mixed? (the hardest to figure out) Then find out her favorite stone shape.

But before you go shopping, decide on how much you are going to spend! Very important: only look at the ones in your price range. You do not want to start your married life owing money. Only get what you can afford. You can always trade up later. The ring itself is only a symbol of your love, it’s not the love itself so stay within your budget and have less stress in your marriage! You can find a ring you will both love and stay on budget.

May you always be in love!