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Meeting in Bars and Clubs

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Pros and Cons of Bars and Clubs as a Place to Meet Women

A lot of men like to go to bars and clubs to loosen up, show off, and meet single women. So it’s an obvious choice if you’re a guy looking for a girlfriend. However, the obvious choice may not be the best choice.

Here are the pros and cons of meeting (or trying to meet) women at bars and clubs:

Pros: There are lots of people and it’s an exciting, fun atmosphere. It’s easy to buy a woman a drink, and it’s easier to get up close to a woman without knowing her first. You might be able to meet a lot of women in a short period of time, and they will probably assume that you don’t want an exclusive relationship.

Cons: Bars and clubs are noisy, so it’s more difficult to hear anything a woman says to you. Alcohol might cloud your judgment and cause you to do something stupid that leaves a bad first impression.

There are often many more men than women, so the competition to meet single women can be fierce. They aren’t usually a woman’s first choice as a place to meet men, so she may not be very approachable.

The women you’ll meet: Most likely, you’ll meet very outgoing, friendly and extraverted women who love the noise and the party atmosphere. You might also come across some women desperate for a man in their lives, who are willing to go to wherever the men are to improve their chances of getting one. And it’s pretty likely you’ll also find some women whose lives are a mess. They can’t stand going home and facing it, so instead they’re out having a good time.

The relationship you can expect: Casual and short. Most women at bars and clubs don’t want a long-term or even mid-term relationship. There’s not much opportunity to talk and get to know each other, so you don’t have much of a basis to really get attached to each other, either. For fun, you’re probably going to more bars and clubs.

What to avoid: Desperate, careless, and/or bitter women. The desperate women will approach you first and try to hang onto you longer than you’re willing to deal with. The careless women might have addictions, neglected children at home, or a bad financial situation that you could unknowingly get tangled up in. And the bitter women are still complaining about the last men who left them single, and they’ll complain about you, too.

Bottom line: Don’t go to a bar or a club only in order to meet women. If you like clubs, such as to go dancing, that’s different – but if you don’t, don’t bother.

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