Have You Been Bar Hopping to Meet Men?

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Bar Hopping to Meet Men

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Can You Meet a Good Guy in a Bar?

There are a lot of men at bars. During the “Ladies Hour,” when women drink free, men flock to the bars. They know that there’ll be women and free flowing booze, which for them is the perfect match. But does that mean barhopping to meet men is a good idea?  (In a word, NO)

Cheap booze and easy women or easy booze and cheap women, they don’t care. These men are there for one reason – to find a woman whose alcohol consumption is up and her defenses down.

Bars are fine for meeting people and having fun with friends. As for finding Mr. Right, you’re more likely to find Mr. Right Now. But don’t nice guys go to bars too? Sure, some do and are just there to hang out with friends after work.

Other men, who are known to be nice guys at work or around their families, get into a bar and feel that they can turn into a bad boy. They’re just looking for a quick hook up, not a relationship.

But in the time tested tradition of men offering love to get sex, they say whatever they have to in order to check out your Victoria’s Secret style. We all know the dangers of drinking and driving. Not enough women recognize the equal dangers of drinking and dating.

That guy who seemed so fine at the bar last night walks up to your apartment the next night to pick you up and you can’t believe your eyes. This is not the kind of guy that you were looking for – how did he get your number?

You gave it to him. Drinking reduces inhibitions, which is a nice way of saying that your good sense floated away in the third round of vodka. The bar scene is also the new training ground for groups of men who aspire to be pickup masters.

There’s even actual live training by guys who claim to be irresistible. They take groups of losers and pledge to turn them into super studs in a matter of weeks. And where do these future hot shots train? You guessed it. In the local bar!

There, they take their memorized introductory lines and follow a script to pick women. They’re coached in techniques that mirror a psychological concept known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which helps them to further reduce your fear of them and feel in a short time as if you’ve known them for quite awhile.

That helps the man to lure you into bed, which is the ultimate scoring objective of the pickup game. The guy who has sex with the most women wins. He may have some extensive medical treatments on the horizon, but he wins as a pickup master! Still another reason to say no to bar hopping to meet men.

Notice that the pickup training happens in bars – that’s because there are plenty of women who are looking to connect and they’re drinking. This is recognized by the pickup trainers as a powerful combination: loneliness plus alcohol multiplied by rehearsed pickup lines.

Do you want to be their next victim? That’s what the bar scene might become for you. Even if the guys aren’t part of an organized group, their objective is often the same. Score sex with the lowest bar tab in the shortest amount of time. No wonder it’s difficult to meet a sincere guy by bar hopping! Now’s the time for you to expand your dating pool and see what’s beyond the lights, music, and drinks being used against you. There are better ways to meet good men!

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