5 Ways To Keep Romance Alive That Don’t Cost a Fortune

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5 Inexpensive Ways To Keep Romance Alive

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Ways to Keep Romance Alive

Not everyone can afford to spend big money on romance all the time, but with a little bit of creativity you can keep romance alive without spending a fortune.

Just about everyone agrees that a nice dinner and a good bottle of wine at a quiet, intimate restaurant will set the mood for romance, but have you been to one of those places lately? Unless you know a secret place, a nice dinner like that will cost quite a lot of money. More than a lot of people have in this day and age.

But you can create that same effect at home for a fraction of the cost. Make a nice steak and buy some wine. If you don’t cook, buy some take out at a nice restaurant. Then set the table, turn down the lights, light some candles, and put some soft music on. Who says a nice quiet meal has to be someplace else? Then as a surprise, do the dishes tomorrow. That’s right, you do them while your partner sleeps in.

But what about some little day to day things to keep romance alive in a marriage. Little surprises are one way. For example you could remove your partner’s bookmark out of their book and replace it with a note that says, “I bet you’ll never guess where I’ve hidden your bookmark.”

Don’t be afraid to try simple changes to “routines” to spice things up without having it cost a fortune!

If they always turn on the TV when they come home from work, tape a note to the television that says, “Wouldn’t you rather turn me on instead?”

If they eat cookies, take an Oreo (or generic version of one), scratch the top of the cookie until smooth and then scratch a heart and your initials into the smooth surface. You can also make your own cookies and create personal messages. If you are really domestic, you could make or buy cupcakes and frost them with special messages.

Making important memories together is a huge part of romance and here is a little tip on how to do so. Ask your partner to remember the most romantic kiss (that you’ve seen together)in a movie. This will lead to some discussion about romantic kisses and should enhance the mood. As a surprise, buy that movie one day and try to recreate that special romantic kiss! Keep it in a special place and re-watch it whenever the mood strikes. If you can’t agree on the single most romantic kiss, go ahead and create a top three list.

This process works for anything. The top three most romantic songs. The top three most romantic movies. The top three most romantic books. The top three most romantic restaurants. You see the pattern. You can even buy the books, songs, movies or whatever so you can use them in the future.

Keep dating! Even if it is a date at home, set aside some time to be together and have fun together making those memories. All those romantic songs, books, movies and experiences provide lots of conversation material too. The biggest cause of breakups is lack of communication. Always communicate.

Happiness is a series of delicious moments. ~Esther Hicks

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